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Attack of the Garden Gnomes (ellapond)

Spiders, darkness and dust clouded his vision as he attempted to climb into the small shed in the backyard of his home. He needed to find that sledge hammer so he could put an end to the stone entity that occupied his front lawn. No more games, no more second chances. When his fingers connected with the wooden handle of the hammer, he tried to dislodge it. Knocking over other various tools and random crap he collected at gardening stores and hardware shops, he finally freed it.

He carried it over his shoulder, back into his front lawn. Various children and other adults were outside enjoying the nice weather, but he didn’t care who saw. He was filled with rage. He swung the sledgehammer high and slammed force down upon the stone creature, smashing it to dust. The poor garden gnome never stood a chance.


“Hah! I didn’t think that would work.”

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    Ella is a bit shocked by the hug, but hugs back. “TARDIS? Why would they want that?” she looks over at the gnomes. “Well...
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    "That’s terrible." Gnomes forgotten for the moment, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug. The Doctor...
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